Welcome to the Mary Bridge Children’s autism spectrum disorder resource website, a comprehensive guide for parents and caregivers who suspect their child may have autism spectrum disorder or are seeking resources following a diagnosis of autism.

What You’ll Find Here

  • About Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): Learn about the key aspects of autism spectrum disorder, including signs and the importance of early detection and intervention.
  • Diagnosis and Evaluation: Understand the evaluation and diagnostic process for autism spectrum disorder in children. Find information about evaluation centers and resources in Washington State.
  • Local Resources in Washington State: Access a list of local agencies, organizations, and advocacy groups offering programs and support for individuals with autism spectrum disorder and their families in Washington State.
  • Support Groups and Recreational Activities: Discover where to find support groups, recreational activities, and programs for children and families affected by autism spectrum disorder in Washington State.
  • Education and Training: Access information about personal education services, special education resources, and training opportunities for parents, caregivers, and professionals serving individuals with autism.
  • Financial Assistance and Suggested Reading: Explore resources for financial assistance and scholarships, along with suggested reading materials for parents, caregivers, and professionals.

Our Commitment

Mary Bridge Children’s Health Center is committed to supporting individuals, families, and caregivers of children with autism spectrum disorder. Our goal is to provide a user-friendly and informative platform that serves as a valuable resource for anyone impacted by autism spectrum disorder. We understand the challenges and uncertainties that may come with an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis, and we are here to guide and support you.

Explore our website to access the resources and information you need to better understand and navigate the journey with autism spectrum disorder.